I’m a User Experience Designer with a background in UX Research, Computer Science, and Physics. I’m currently finishing my Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology and am looking for a full-time role that starts in July 2020. Outside of work, I spend time bouldering, cooking Indian cuisine, or tinkering with Arduino kits.

What kind of a designer am I?

I am a detail-oriented designer with a knack for problem-solving, building empathy, listening, and learning. Although I have handled the end-to-end UX Design Process, my specialty lies in ideation and design iterations. I can both rapidly sketch low-fidelity ideas to brainstorm solutions and convert a design vision to a realistic high-fidelity clickable prototype. 

I play the role of user advocate by curating personas, creating user journeys, detailing user needs, and supporting an overall user-centered design process. My multi-disciplinary background enables me to work with software developers, UX Researchers, Product Managers, etc. Multiple internships and projects have taught me to balance user needs, technical constraints, and business requirements effectively while designing.

Apart from designing experiences for apps and websites, I am passionate about accessibility, conversation design, AI, and AR/VR. Owing to the evolving nature of technology, I strive to constantly learn about new technologies and explore new design possibilities.

Random Facts

I learned Braille in my sophomore year to empathize with people with vision impairments
For the last 3 months, I’ve been doing one unconventional thing a day (and it has done wonders!)
I have a brown belt in Shotokan Karate

What I’m doing for fun right now

Reading about emerging technologies and speculative design
Practicing graphic design skills
Exploring new restaurants in Atlanta 🙂


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Bollywood Music

Lived here and there

Goa, India
Paris, France
Bangalore, India
Nashik, India
Atlanta, GA