I’m a UX Designer and Researcher with a background in Computer Science and Physics. I have a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Institute of Technology, and am currently a UX Research Contractor at Google. I am open to full-time UX roles starting Fall 2021.

What inspired me to do UX?

During college, I was restricted from using my vision for a month after an eye surgery. This inspired me to learn Braille and understand the challenges faced by people with vision impairments. My interaction with them at National Association for Blind in India led me to recognize the scope and necessity of improving their access to technology through better design. This led to my internship at Microsoft Research where I built an interaction toolkit to make video games accessible. 

Conversations with users during field studies at Microsoft were instrumental in making me realize the tangible impact that I can have in the user experience field. Since then, I have been passionate about doing impactful and meaningful UX work in the tech industry.

What I do for fun