With on-campus classes resuming in the midst of the pandemic, it became crucial for Georgia Tech’s Health Department to curb the virus spread by urging exposed individuals to isolate.

While on an average, there are 1000 people who may have come in contact with an infected person, the Georgia Tech Health Department has the resources to contact only up to 5 people per infected person. It is then critical to shortlist people who are most vulnerable and likely to be infected.

How might we prioritize contacting high-risk individuals exposed to the COVID-19 virus?


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All Cases in One Place

View a sorted a list of cases to keep track of review status and associated high risk contacts

How many positive cases did the campus have on a particular day? What’s the extent of risk for each case? Which case needs immediate action to curb the spread of the virus? When did the case turn infectious? Have high risk contacts been identified for a particular case? Which contact tracer worked on identifying high risk contacts for the case? Find consolidated and ordered information for all these questions in a sortable table.

Case Dwelling Timeline

Aanalyze case dwelling timeline using a calendar visualization and filters

See important case information like infectious period, on-campus residence, roommates, and case calendar, all in one place to gather relevant data about potential risk from the case. Filter case timeline by infectious period, event duration, room type and occupancy to shortlist events that might be potentially risky.

Case Collocation Timeline

Expand the case timeline to see a detailed visualization of case collocation with contacts

Want to identify potential high risk events on the case’s calendar? See event details by hovering over time intervals on the case timeline. Want to find contacts who spent the most time near the case during an event? Click on the event to view calendar overlaps of collocated contacts with the case, ordered with descending order of collocation duration.

Collocation Details at a Glance

All the information you need to make a decision to mark a contact as priority

Jot down important notes about the case, and view comprehensive data about when and where the any contact shared a space with the space. See bookmarked events, event duration breakdowns, and room occupancy before arriving at a decision to mark a contact as high priority.

More details coming soon!